• You asked whether other scientists think that a multimedia approach would be useful to help scientists and/or life science students think about structure. My graduate students in the Molecular Pharmacology for Illustrators class in the Biomedical Visualization Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that building a tetramer of Pyruvate Kinase M2 out of wooden blocks and pipe cleaners helped them understand the relationships between protomers and how they would shift during activation.


    Evelyn Maizels MD, PhD, MS in Biomedical Visualization, adjunct instructor in Biomedical Visualization, UIC

    • Hi Evelyn, thank you for your comment – that’s really interesting. It sounds as though you were asking the illustrators to get to grips with some really complex information, and that’s exactly what I was wondering – whether asking them to build the structures and components you were talking to them about helped them to understand better – and it seems like it did.

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