Website Redesign

I decided it was high time my website got an overhaul. The pages themselves are largely as they were, only I’ve added brief explanations to the top of each page indicating the connections between the different collections of work. Links to relevant blog posts are also included. The index page (image below) has been completely redesigned to illustrate the connections. New work will be added to Conceptual Cell Paintings. My artist’s statement is now viewable by clicking on my name on the index page, an addition for this new version of the site.


The site map has the link to my Cell Paintings at its centre, which were the first coherent body of paintings I made and has influenced by path ever since. These were largely made in response to images in ‘Gray’s Anatomy’, a textbook of human anatomy originally written by Henry Gray. At this time, I didn’t understand the images and drawings, nor the figure legends. I was frustrated that my work depended on the images produced by other people, essentially making paintings by copying someone else’s photographs. At that time I also had no idea how to approach creating these kind of images for myself. The edges emanating from the Cell Paintings node lead to different ways that I have tried to re-imagine the Cell Paintings since that time. The exception is Spheres which, although these were made prior to the Cell Paintings, I now consider to be an abstraction of a cell as a container. It was important that the materials used to make the Spheres be transparent so that the viewer’s mind could creep in and seek refuge inside. This concept, together with the connections and networks implied in my Circuit Board paintings, feed into my new work.

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